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How are postcards selected?

Postcards are selected at random. On April 1st each year, we pull cards one by one to fill all tables for our season.

How do I find out if my postcard is pulled?

If and when your card is chosen, we call you right away to inform you and help you pick a date to join us. Cards are hand-pulled one at a time by our small team of staff members.  Our first round of postcard pulls takes place from April 1st until May the 15th. If you do not receive a call within this timeframe, this means your card was not pulled. In the event that we have cancellations, we draw again to fill the vacancy. So this means your phone could ring anytime from April 1st until our final dinner of the season at the end of September.

Do I get to pick which date I'd like to come for dinner?

Yes! If and when your card is pulled, we work with you personally to help you find the best date and table for your party. The first card pulled for the season gets the first pick, and so on and so on, until the last card of the initial pulling period is pulled.

How many guests may I bring?

We have a handful of tables and a few special spots at our counter which can accommodate anywhere from 1-6 guests per party depending on the table size. Party size is dependent on table availability at the time of booking.

Is there a cancellation list?

Yes! If you send us a card this year (or even in years past), your card is eligible for our cancellation list for the entire season. In the event that we receive a cancellation, we pull another card to fill the vacancy.

Are postcards sent from previous years saved?

Yes. We save every postcard we receive. However, only postcards sent in the current year are included in the initial drawing from the first day of spring until May 15th . Cards from years past are combined and included in all of our cancelation list pulls.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

An evening with us consists of multiple courses made up of local ingredients including vegetables, fish, poultry, meat, dairy and grains. We do not offer substitutions. However, in most dietary restriction cases, we have found that it may simply involve skipping a course or two, which over the duration of the evening will still provide for an enjoyable experience. If you or someone in your party has a dietary restriction, our staff will work with you personally to answer any questions and help you decide if TLK's menu is appropriate for your diet.

How much does dinner cost?

Dinner for the 2023 season is $250 per person (plus tax, gratuity & beverages). Dinner is so much more than a meal at TLK. It's an evening, an adventure, a moment, and a memory. A night with us lasts over 5 hours, consists of many, many, many courses and not only fills your bellies, but your hearts. The mill is yours for the entire night, with an intimate group and the utmost personal attention from Erin and our tightly knit team. It is our duty to give you an experience that not only feels magical, but priceless at the same time. Our dinners reflects the value of the best ingredients we can find, and our commitment to pay our staff fairly and consciously, the unique experience we work so hard to provide you with.

2023 COVID dining room requirements?

We currently do not have any dining room restrictions or requirements to dine inside at this time. Please note; our dining room is small and dinners last up to 5 hours, therefore it is possible our environment may not be suitable for those who are immunocompromised.